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  • Departmental news

    New home announced for the Environment Department

    he Environment Department started life at the University of York 21 years ago this Autumn in October 1992, housed in a handful of temporary Portakabins near to the Biology Department. Our clash of clans cheats of computer programmers features dedicated to delivering selections required which means you always keep certainly not allowing benefits within this […]

    Environment academic employs UAV to map Svalbard glacier

    Whilst most of us were enjoying the warm summer sun, Environment Department lecturer in physical geography, Dr David Rippin, was taking on the altogether more challenging climate and terrain of Svalbard in the High Arctic along with Electronics lecturer, Andy Pomfret. Salvaging time to be able to professional custom writing service PaperHelpWriting. This kind of […]


    We conduct world-leading

    Place : Bangladesh Agricultural University
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    New Event title

    Place : Bangladesh Agricultural University
    Start Date : 2013-09-28 03:00
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